New Navy Ensign

This weekend, the family is in Newport, Rhode Island, for my daughter. She graduated from the Navy’s Officer Training Command. She is a brand new Naval Officer.

She has been here for 13 weeks, more or less, and is very eager to leave this place. She’s headed to flight school for aviation training. She wants to be a fighter pilot. This will take another two years I think.

We were all happy to see her, especially in her new uniform. It was a spectacular sight and made us all very proud.

She is excited to start training. She likes the Navy so far, and it has made her pretty happy, I think. At least, it seems that way. I believe she will enjoy the next phase, which I assume will include getting in the air at some point.

I’m only a little worried. I was the one who encouraged our daughter to join; well, we all did. I encouraged her to become an officer. Becoming a pilot, however, is like the tip of the spear. It can be dangerous. So yea, a little worried.

I am worried but proud. I know ENS Tate will do well. She always does, and I think she will be a great fit for the Navy.


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