It’s My Birthday!!!

So, today is my birthday! I’m 60 years old. Ten years ago, I was halfway through my 50th year when my Mom died. This event knocked the wind out of me for a very long time. It was also my first year of culinary school. I immediately missed calling to share the new recipes I was learning with her. Her passing was unbearable, and I thought the pain would never stop. Losing your mother is not something you get over; you only get used to it.

The following year, one of my best buddies from the Navy passed after battling cancer for several years. It made for another sad year, and it seemed like everyone was leaving. 2020 & 2021 also brought death to my family through COVID. Some family members passed from natural causes. The last 10 years were rough.

It was not all sad, however. My son and daughter graduated from high school and college, and my daughter’s softball team won the State Championship in her junior year. My son started law school, and my daughter is about to be a Naval officer. They have made me a proud father!

In 2017, I started playing the saxophone again after giving it up for 10 years. In many ways, I am a better player than when I was in the Navy.

In 2019, a friend introduced me to intermittent fasting, allowing me to control my blood glucose and insulin levels. Because of fasting, I don’t have to take any medication to maintain my A1C. Though I have not accomplished my weight loss goal, I have gained none.

I don’t know if I look any better now that I am 60, but I feel better physically. Eating less helps to reduce inflammation in my joints, making my back hurt a little less. However, I still can’t hold a job even with less inflammation. I last about 2.5 hours on my feet, then I must sit or lie down. I usually have sciatic nerve pain in both legs.

So, the last 10 years had some rough and good spots. I mostly remember the good. I’ve found like minded Christians to fellowship with. So, I met new people, dated some, and bought a new car and a motorcycle. Yes, my life has had many good things in the last 10 years.




  1. Happy Birthday, Dad! You have been through so much in your life, and you have made so many people’s lives better. You have always been there for us, and we are grateful for all that you have done for us. You are a great role model to us, and we are so proud to call you our Dad!
    Michael Turner

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