Day 5 – Still Stumbling

This morning I got up at around 03:30. I was having trouble sleeping. So I got up and got on the computer until about six.

I took my medication, including a pain pill for my back and shoulders. After breakfast, I had toast, eggs, and a fattening recipe of home-style potatoes. The pain medication kicked in in about an hour, and I was out. I didn’t wake up until about 18:40. Now I won’t be able to sleep.

I did, however, work out yesterday as I had planned. It went pretty well. I did squats, sit-ups, and a few upper-body exercises on the total gym.

I have not eaten again today. Not hungry. But that probably means I’ll have to fight the urge to snack and eat tonight.

So it seems I am having difficulty getting this thing going. I am prompted on the inside to do more exercise tonight. So, that’s what I’ll do.

It is now 11:23 pm, and I just finished my total gym workout. Worked out my thighs, chest, upper back, abs, triceps, and shoulders.

It is late, but I have yet to feel a hunger pain. Guess I will see what happens. My system is totally off.


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