Yesterday’s Leg Workout

All went well. I maxed out at 380 on the leg press. I also did leg curls, toe raises, hip abduction, and hip adduction. Then I finished with back extension before going on to my cardio.

Since my kids are  not coming with me because of school. I have increased my sets, and higher reps, and decreased the weight a little. I feel like I am getting a much better workout this way. And I really want affective workouts.

It’s not that I am in a hurry to lose this weight (I am, really), but, it just doesn’t seem fair that it is so easy to get fat and such hard work to get fit. Sedentary is not easy either. Oh its easy until you become so unhealthy that even sleeping starts to hurt.

Anyway, it was a good workout. In about an hour or so I will be in the gym again, working the chest area. I haven’t touched my shoulders for a few weeks not. I’m trying to give my joints a rest.

Well that’s about it.


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