I have experienced something strange.  Weakness. I had been making great progress with upper body strength, all the while working around my shoulder joint pain. And I did well.  Then about a week ago I had to drastically reduce my workout weight. It was not because of pain either. I just couldn’t handle the weight of previous week’s workouts.

My doctor has not found anything abnormal. In fact I am pretty healthy. Has anyone ever experience such a thing? One of the guys that I see at the gym all the time says that he believes that when you lose weight from doing a lot of cardio you sometimes lose strength and have to work your way back up. Basically he believed that once you lose the weight that the muscles are used to carrying they become weaker. It seems to me that the muscles would be stronger from having carried the extra weight. Any thoughts out there?

Anyway, my weight seems to be holding steady at 249 lbs. That is an 11 pound loss from when I started 4 months ago. It has been 15 weeks since I began. It is the longest I have been in the gym since getting out of the Navy, also since my back surgery in 2010. My immediate goal is to continue a year. Not that I plan on quitting in a year. A year would be a mile stone for me. Hopefully by then I will have made somewhat of a transformation from fat to fitter.



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  1. It turns out that a pinched nerve in my neck caused this weakness. I ended up having surgery in June of 2016. Strength came back. However, I have not been able to work out consistently with weights since the surgery. I have a lot more joint pain now that I am older.

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