Trying a New Approach

I thought I would try a new approach starting this week. I had been splitting my body into 5 sections. Shoulders on Monday, Back & Abs on Tuesday, Legs on Wednesday, Chest on Thursday, and Arms on Friday. I was reading on about total body workouts. There seemed to be some benefit in working all the muscles more that once per week.

Perhaps by working all the muscles multiple times per week I will be able to gain more strength and muscle growth, and perhaps quicker fitness development. I think it also could promote more fat burning. I had tried this before and it seemed to be too much. I was really sore on multiple parts of my body, which made it hard to continue. If I still can’t do it I’ll go back to doing the 5 sections.

As I write this I am really sore in several places from yesterday’s workout. I’ll see how things go tomorrow. My upper back is really sore. Fortunately the back has several parts. So, I can work around the areas that are really sore.

Side note:
I went downtown today (Charleston, SC) and did some walking around. I mainly wanted to go to the Apple Store. While walking I noticed my reflection in some of the glass storefronts. I really have slimmed down. Also, I stopped to admire a suit that one of the stores had on display. While I was there two women  stopped to tell me that the  suit would look really good on me. Then one said, “You’re so cute anything would look good on you.” I said thanks and they went about their business. Needless to say, that made my day.


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