Remake Still Underway

Well, I think its about time to get back in the gym, or at least take a walk ever now and then. I had a doctors appointment last week. Most of my numbers were pretty good. However,  it looks like I am close to being insulin resistant. So I am going to have to make some effort in the gym, and also with the diet.

It didn’t help that I had an Artisan Breads class, Introduction to Cakes & Decorating, and Laminated Doughs classes, this last semester. I guess that’s just an excuse. I’m not sure if I can slow this thing down but I will try.

I will begin to add some exercise to my schedule tomorrow. I have always had trouble controlling my diet. The doctor told me to just avoid simple carbs, like white rice, breads, sweets etc. She said I could eat lots of vegetables (how boring). Also I can have lean meat in 4 oz. portions, or some sort of protein.

Well, I will continue to let you know how I’m doing. The Remake is still underway.


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