Why I Don’t Juice Anymore

I have a juicer; a pretty decent one in fact. It is the one that Jack Lalanne used in his infomercials. I never use it anymore though. I thought it would be a healthy addition to my arsenal. I thought it could be a help, however, I couldn’t drink any juice that wasn’t sweet. That was a problem for me.

I always had to have apple or pear, or, at least some carrot in my juice before I could stomach it. The problem was that it spiked my blood sugar. Once you take away all that bulk from the fruits and veggies that are either kind of sweet or really sweet, all you have left is a sugary drink.

The pulp that was left from juicing was the stuff that makes a sweet veggie or piece of fruit tolerable to the body. The bulk is what slows the absorption rate in the intestines. The first time I tried juicing I got all excited about the surge of energy I had. Turns out that I just had a sugar high, and I crashed soon after.

It was the same thing with smoothies, but not as bad, because you weren’t getting rid of all the bulk. But liquifying food takes away the work that the digestive system would have had to do to extract nutrients. Digestion happens in stages, and in those stages different things are extracted from the foods we eat. If we have liquified our food we’re missing some stages in the process.

I noticed that my own digestion suffered a little. Things were not quite digested as they should have been. I had stomach cramps, and a hard time in the restroom, and things smelled a hundred times worse than usual.

Smoothies and juicing did not work for me. Maybe it works for others. But I can’t imagine that doing it regularly and not eating can be good for anyone. I know people have lost weight doing it, but, that weight loss is never permenant. I’m not sure there are any real benefits at all. Our bodies were designed to eat our food and digest it in a set amount of time. I believe we get the best results that way.



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