12 Weeks of Progress on Keto

I have now been endeavoring to maintain the ketogenic diet now for almost 13 weeks. My weight as of this afternoon is 237.9, a loss of 29.1 pounds. What I am hoping for more than weight loss at this point is an improvement in my numbers when my doctor draws my blood in a few weeks.

Previous lab results have shown that I am approaching insulin resistance, a condition where the body produces insulin but does not use it efficiently. When insulin is not used properly the cells of the body cannot absorb glucose from the blood. This can lead to type 2 diabetes.

One of my goals with this diet has been to address elevated blood sugar. Before this diet I was tasked with determining foods with low glycemic indexes to avoid high blood sugar. I didn’t always find that approach the easiest. Since beginning on the Ketogenic diet it has become as simple as eliminating processed foods (which I already knew), cutting out grains, beans, lentils (which I ate a lot of), white rice (and other starchy foods), and certain nuts (mainly peanuts).

I don’t know why it is easier for me to think of food in these terms rather than in terms of glycemic index, but it has been extremely helpful to me.

The only thing I really miss on this diet is bread. I realize there are recipes for “low carb” breads out there, but, I haven’t tried any of them yet. I will soon though. I would welcome the return of the convenience of a sandwich.

I don’t ever want to have to deal with diabetes. My mom had it, and it seemed like a real pain in the ass. She never was in danger of losing a limb. However, I think it did contributed to her heart failure in the end.

I have friends with diabetes. One is a senior citizen. It has caused him some real problems; losing feeling in his feet and other areas. Another friend seems to have gotten his under control through diet (low glycemic) and exercise. I am truly hoping to  make this life style change a permanent one. I’m already taking too many medications.

Making the change is a long process. It takes getting used to, and I still crave things that are not good for me. I guess it is getting easier over time. It no longer feels like I am doing something special as far as food on the ketogenic diet is concerned. It just feels normal.

Thats my update this week. Later.


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