Squats are so Hard!

Today in the gym I really pushed my limits. I did my heaviest weight yet on squats, which is not very much because of my back, 205 lbs. I also did seated and standing toe raises, and leg extensions. I started to do Romanian deadlifts when I realized that after an hour I was completely out of gas. I didn’t even get to hamstrings.

By the time I got to my car I wanted to pass out. And when I got home, I did. I’m pretty sure that I will be extremely sore tomorrow. And I may have tweaked my back a little bit.

Squats are the toughest exercise I have ever done. Even back when I was in my teens and early 20’s I absolutely hated doing them. They were so hard, and they’re hard now. But they work so many muscles at once and you can’t beat it when it comes stimulating growth and burning fat.

When in my 20’s and doing squats it was the fastest way I have ever slimmed down. It is proving to be just as effective now. I just wish it was not so hard. As long as I don’t hurt myself I will continue to do them. I am determined to succeed.


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