Sleep Recovery


I have suffered insomnia for over a year. And my doctor has prescribed all sorts of sleep medications that have not worked. I have had sleep studies that have revealed no solutions. And while I have not gotten enough sleep in all this time the pain in my body has increased.

That is what happens when you are not getting enough sleep. Your body is not recovering from the day’s activity. It’s not functioning at its optimum efficiency. And for me, that translates to more back pain. My joints hurt. I get headaches. My eyes burn, and my skin gets itchy and dry. I don’t know why the lack of sleep affects my skin, but it does. And it doesn’t matter how much lotion or skin care products I use.

The only thing I could think of that could be causing me to lose sleep is all the medications I was taking for cholesterol, blood pressure, and other things. I especially think the statins that I was taking was having the greatest affect on my sleep.

So I recently decided to discontinue taking the statins. There are a lot of other reasons I discontinued these medications but the main reason is that I really feel like they were affecting my sleep the most.

It has been about two weeks and as the medication is being purged from my body my sleep IS getting better night by night. I have been better able to stay awake during the day and have been able to fall asleep at night and sleep longer without waking up.

I’m not sure I believe that it is actually higher levels of cholesterol that causes an issue with the coronary system. I think it has more to do with high carb diets, and sugars that we consume. I believe that if I can keep these two things in check, my blood pressure will continue to normalize. And the inflammation in my body, which I believe is the real culprit causing heart disease, will continue to subside and my health improve.

So I’m taking my life in my hands. I’m tired of so many medications, and I don’t think the “benefits” outweigh the other dangers that the medications present.

So that’s where I am today.


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  1. Overall my sleep is better, but, just two days ago I had an episode where I was awake for nearly two days. Hopefully, it will continue to improve.

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