Chia Seeds

So I have been seeing chia seed in the grocery store, on the internet, YouTube, but never really paid attention. So I started doing some reading. Apparently, it is considered one of the best “superfoods” on the market. It has a good source of protein, high in omega 3 fats, high in fiber and low in calories. And it’s easy to use and incorporate into the diet.

I intend to give it a try. It apparently absorbs 5 times it weight or size in liquid. A lot of people add it to coconut milk with fruit. It turns into a pudding-like texture. I’m guessing it pretty much takes on the flavor of whatever liquid added. It can also be sprinkled onto salads, cereals to add fiber and all the rest of that stuff I mentioned before.

It is also said that chia seed can stave off blood glucose spikes (I think that’s what I mean). I usually just refer to it as blood sugar. Mine is usually too high, but, that’s because I have not been eating the way I should. I guess I go in cycles. It feels like I’m swinging back around to a desire to eat better. For a while though, I just didn’t care anymore.

And it is not that I think this one product is going to do a magic trick and solve all of my dietary problems. It is just something new for me which I hope will enhance my arsenal of better eating habits.



  1. I’m curious as to what it does for you, and how it tastes and if you like it. I keep seeing chia seeds everywhere, too, but somehow never bother to try them out.

    1. Well, I am a huge fan of tapioca pudding and thats what the Chia seeds mixed with coconut mik and a little honey remind me of. So far that is one of only two ways I’ve used it. The other way was the same but with no honey, and I added either raspberry or black berries to the mix. That was okay but I need to find a better quality of berries to use. The thing I like is that it is very filling. The one with coconut milk is my favorite. Lastly it’s a pretty tasty way to get those omega 3’s without eating fish all day. I do like it. Can’t wait to find some other uses for it.

    2. Turns out Chia seeds have something called lectins which contribute greatly to diminishing the health of your intestines.

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