Paprika Recipe Manager

Since I began at the Culinary Institute of Charleston I have encountered a lot of new recipes. Of course, I printed them out and have them assembled in a physical notebook. I had also begun using Microsoft’s OneNote to digitize them. It is a great program, but it takes longer to enter recipes, especially if you don’t type very fast.

I began looking for recipe apps on iTunes and Google play. I came across quite a few. The best one for me and the best price was the Paprika Recipe Manager. There are some others out there, and they seemed very good. But for the price, I think Paprika is a great choice.

From Paprika you can access the internet and search for recipes. You may also download recipes directly from the web (if the recipe page is set up correctly) without having to type a single letter stroke. For recipes that you have on paper, you do have to type them in. That is a long-term project for me. I have a lot of recipes from my classes at the institute.

Some of the recipes I have were hand written by my mother. Now I can read a clearly printed version of those from Paprika. Paprika also makes it easy to share recipes with your friends and family. You can email them or text them. You can also print them out.

Paprika makes it easier to plan meals, even weeks or months in advance. When you create your own recipes you can quickly enter them into the app (Quickly if you type fast. Otherwise, as fast as you can hunt and peck).

The computer version of the app is $19.99. I believe the mobile version of the app is $4.99. They are worth the price. I have heard people say that they wouldn’t pay so much money for an app. But before Apple made “apps” a popular term they were called computer programs, and the cost was a hell of a lot more than $19.99. This is a great price for an app that works so well.

If you have Paprika on your computer, your phone, and tablets, the recipes only need to be entered once. It will translate to all your other devices automatically.

Paprika is my most used app and it has never failed. Since everyone found out I was in school for Culinary Arts there is an expectation that I will cook or bake something for family gatherings or parties. When I was home for Christmas a year ago the app definitely came in handy. Having access to all my recipes was awesome.

So if you are looking for a way to collect and save your handwritten or printed recipes, or collect recipes from your favorite website, Paprika Recipe Manager is for you.


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