Dizziness & Allergies

Lately, I have been light headed and somewhat close to dizziness. I thought maybe my blood pressure was high; it wasn’t. I thought maybe my blood glucose levels were off; they were not. I now believe it is due to a high pollen count. Everything was covered in the stuff this morning.

I stayed outside most of the day. I took it upon myself for the first time since I have had my motorcycle to change my own tires. I watched several videos on YouTube.

I bought tools, tires, and more tools. I started with the front because I had already worked on the front brake in the past. I got the front wheel off easily enough. Getting the tire off of the wheel went as planned, but it was harder than I expected. And it certainly took longer than I expected.

Getting the new tire on the wheel went as planned, except that it was harder than I thought, and of course, took longer than anticipated. I got the tire on, got it inflated, and then balanced it. Balancing was the easiest part of the process. Getting the wheel back on the bike was a little bit of a struggle for one person, but it went fine.

I was covered in oil and greasy dirt. Took the bike for a spin and everything was fine. I will tackle the back tire tomorrow. That should prove quite interesting.

After being outside all day my lightheadedness is almost gone. My ears are ringing very loudly though. My back pain is a little less. Perhaps I just needed some fresh air.

I have a doctors appointment on Thursday. Hopefully she can get to the bottom of the issue. That’s it for now.


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