I have a question. Does this look like $50 worth of groceries to anyone? I remember the days when there was a lot more in your grocery basket when you spent $50. I have not treated myself to a steak in a long while. This year, they cost twice what they did last year. I have been refusing to pay what they are asking. The steak in the picture just happened to cost half of what they usually cost.

Food is more expensive, people! Am I the only one who is seeing this? I don’t buy enough groceries to last more than a couple of days. I live alone. The other reason I don’t buy more groceries is that I would eat all day continuously. So my strategy is to limit how much food is in the refrigerator and cabinets. I certainly can’t have sweets and snack foods around.

The cost of food is not a terrible problem for me since I’m only one person. However, I wonder how families are dealing with what I think is near crisis. I’m not talking about the rich or well-off or anyone making more than $80,000. If I had a family living here with me, I’m sure I would manage, but it wouldn’t be easy. There would not be room for anything extra. I would have no motorcycle or music equipment or any of the other things I enjoy.

If grocery costs continue on this trend, soon I won’t be able to afford to eat healthy foods for much longer. Maybe I need to learn to budget better. Either way, something has to change.