Food Is Too Expensive!

I have a question. Does this look like $50 worth of groceries to anyone? I remember the days when there was a lot more in your grocery basket when you spent $50. I have not treated myself to a steak in a long while. This year, they cost twice what they did last year. I have been refusing to pay what they are asking. The steak in the picture just happened to cost half of what they usually cost.

Food is more expensive, people! Am I the only one who is seeing this? I don’t buy enough groceries to last more than a couple of days. I live alone. The other reason I don’t buy more groceries is that I would eat all day continuously. So my strategy is to limit how much food is in the refrigerator and cabinets. I certainly can’t have sweets and snack foods around.

The cost of food is not a terrible problem for me since I’m only one person. However, I wonder how families are dealing with what I think is near crisis. I’m not talking about the rich or well-off or anyone making more than $80,000. If I had a family living here with me, I’m sure I would manage, but it wouldn’t be easy. There would not be room for anything extra. I would have no motorcycle or music equipment or any of the other things I enjoy.

If grocery costs continue on this trend, soon I won’t be able to afford to eat healthy foods for much longer. Maybe I need to learn to budget better. Either way, something has to change.



  1. Hey Mr. Tony! I have studied government and economics with a Master’s degree in business from a well-known reputable university. I say this not to brag, but just for credibility. I am shocked that the prices are rising as slowly as they are rising. Mathematically, from the way our economy and other economies work, prices should be much higher by now. With that said, that is why our low carb meal planner is very affordably priced with budget friendly recipes for diabetics. So, it can help you save money with the grocery bill. I have multiple diabetics in my family that control their blood sugar levels with diet alone. So, 99% of our recipes are diabetic keto recipes. So, you might want to have a look at our growing low carb meal planner. Take care – I hope this helps

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