So Far, So Good!

I am finishing my second week of ADF (alternate day fasting). ADF is exactly what you may be thinking. I eat one day (no dieting), then I fast the next day. Sometimes it is not easy. However, most times, it is pretty easy. On the days I fast, I go about my business without worrying about what I will eat. It is relatively easy to keep my mind off eating if I’m working, cleaning the house, or playing my sax. This last day (Friday) was tough. I was never hungry. I just felt like eating. Every time I passed a restaurant and smelled all those fumes of goodness, it made me want to gobble something up.

It is a thirty-six hour fast. Thirty-six hours gives the body a more extended period to burn fat. The fat-burning stage begins around the 16-hour mark. At the 24-hour mark, the body starts to go into ketosis, converting ketones for energy. This type is a limited fast. Anything thing beyond 42 hours is considered an extended fast. At that point, I think you are on the verge of creating an eating disorder or other problems.

The weight is not falling off rapidly. In the beginning, I lost about 6 pounds almost immediately. I believe that was just the result of cutting out sweets and alcohol. However, the weight loss has slowed to about 1-2 pounds per week.

I am not too worried about what the scale may say. I am looking for changes in the way my clothes fit. I’m watching for specific bulges to shrink. Much of the tightness I feel in my lower back is due to fat. I am looking to see changes in the way my face looks.

I believe less fat would make a difference in the way I feel physically. Weight loss usually means less inflammation and less pain. I am already experiencing some of that. So far, I’m feeling very well.

I will update my progress in a few days.


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  1. “I am looking for changes in the way my clothes fit.” – That’s what I do, too. The scales just give numbers, the real results you experience. You’re doing great, Tony! I am so happy for you that you were able to resist the temptations Friday kept prompting you with. That takes strength.

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