A Great Report From My Doctor!

So, I went to the doctor’s office today to go over my blood work results. Overall it was a great report. However, as I suspected, my A1c has gone up on point. I had been eating way too many sweets for about eight months.

My cholesterol, the thing that got all these tests started years ago, was completely normal. That’s a first in the last ten years. What an enormous improvement! I didn’t think I would ever reign in those numbers.

It would have been a perfect report had my A1c not gone up (1 point!). All the other markers the physician went over with me were completely normal.

Hopefully, this will be the case next time. I have already begun to take the necessary steps to ensure a good report in the future. I haven’t been going to the gym a lot, but I am going. I have suspended any sweets and alcohol consumption. As I’ve said in my last blog post, I will be doing alternate day fasting for the next six weeks. I am down six pounds since I began. Hopefully, I will burn some fat during this time.

I am already feeling a little better since cutting sugar and alcohol from my diet. That will not be a permanent thing (maybe for the drinking). When I’ve reached my objective, I will be able to enjoy an occasional sweet treat. My only physical issue is my back pain.

I have managed to make it through this first week of longer fasts by keeping busy. Being off from work is more challenging because I’m usually in the house. I will have to find things to do outside or house cleaning; anything.

I will be reporting any good news as it happens.


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