Impulse Feeding

Meals prepared ahead of time? How freaking boring! I have tried preparing meals in advance, and I hated it. There is nothing like opening the refrigerator door and seeing all that pre-made food, but you want something else. Sometimes, I can’t even do leftovers.

For instance, yesterday, I cooked a rack of spare ribs. Of course, there are going to be leftovers. I live alone. I opened the frig for lunch today, knowing what was in there. Ribs! I like ribs well enough. I warmed them up and made some asparagus. It was as tasty as it was yesterday. It satisfied my hunger. However, when I was finished eating, I had the overwhelming desire to go to Taco Bell. I actually picked up my keys and headed to the door! It took considerable effort to turn around, put the keys down, and sit down.

So now I can add to my overeating, emotional eating, and unconscious snacking, impulse eating triggered by dissatisfaction! I don’t even like Taco Bell that much, and the last time I ate there was over a year ago. There may have been a Taco Bell commercial on before lunch. 😂

I almost started to rationalize why I should or could eat Taco Bell after I had already eaten lunch. Sad, isn’t it? Then I began rationalizing why I should be able to have something sweet. This year, I plan to avoid sugar and alcohol, and fast foods until I reach my goal of 10 pounds lost. Then the goal resets; another 10 pounds. I plan to continue that way until I reach my ultimate weight goal.

I guess that is why I sometimes eat when I’m bored. Improper impulses? Is that a thing? It is for me, I think. I’m okay now. I immediately sat down to type this post, which helped me get hold of my feelings and impulses and control my thoughts. Hopefully, I won’t have any more issues today.


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