PreMade Meals

So, attempting to make meal times a little easier, I thought I’d try a food delivery company, Fresh-N-Lean. I got my first delivery yesterday. The food tastes okay, and some of the meals might come close to being good. The problem is there is not enough; the servings are tiny, especially for the cost. I will cancel my subscription before the next shipment.

My son told me about the freshly prepared meals at Publix Grocery. They looked much better with more food than what I ordered from my food delivery choice and were cheaper. So, when I finish up the food from the current order, I will be shopping at Publix. If that does not work out, I will return to cooking for myself. The only problem there is I don’t always cook the healthiest choices. That’s a discipline problem.

I believe the Publix option will work well. I am really looking forward to trying some of their meals. While I was there today, I was tempted to buy a few selections, but I was on my way to the gym. Plus, I don’t believe in wasting food I’ve paid hard-earned money for. I will wait until I have used up what I have. Because these meals are so small, it won’t take long. I eat at least twice the amount of what is in these packages. And remember, I fast at least 20 hours a day. Basically, that’s one meal and maybe a small snack.

The meals I ordered are supposed to be keto. When I make keto meals for myself, I am completely satiated. That did not happen with these premade meals. It was like being on a calorie-restrictive diet. I can’t survive that. I need food that will satisfy me.

The method I have been using works. I don’t have to over-eat to ensure I can last 20 hours. The right foods during my eating window is all I need. Sometimes a salad and 6 ounces of protein are sufficient. Then a small snack, like a piece of cheese with some nuts.

I am slowly losing pounds and inches. Intermittent fasting has been an excellent option for me. Even though I have not yet lost the weight and inches I desire, I am on track.


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