Working out

Went to the gym this morning and did some leg work. And if you don’t know, your butt is part of that particular workout. Lots of leg presses, leg curls, toe raises, and leg extensions. You don’t realize you’re using your gluteus maximus until the workout is over. Now that I’m lying on the couch typing, my butt is already starting to become sore.

I don’t lift heavy. I only went as high as 400 lbs. on the leg press and less than a hundred pounds on the rest of the exercise. I have learned that you don’t have to lift heavy weights to gain muscle tone. You only to stimulate the muscle and it doesn’t take much.

I only go to gym a couple of times a week. The last time I went on a regular schedule, I hurt myself. I ruptured a disc in my neck. My left arm became weak. I thought I was having a stroke, but the nerves were being pinched. It was kind of scary. I ended up having surgery to repair the damage. So when I go to the gym now, I try to take it easy. There is no reason to lift like a professional bodybuilder or powerlifter. I just need to get a little exercise.

My reason for exercising is different now, at least at this point in time. I came to the conclusion years ago that exercising does not burn fat. What does exercise do? It can build muscle and improve your cardiovascular health. Most importantly, it helps you to use up the glycogen in the liver. That is something that has to happen for the body to switch to fat for fuel.

Lately, my blood glucose has been higher than average, and I am unsure why and have cut out sweets and high-carb foods. Hopefully, things will get back to normal soon. I probably need to adjust my diet a little more. I will get it right someday. One thing is for sure, I will not lose weight until the excess glucose is cleared from my blood stream.


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