Smoked Cornish Hen

Today, I smoked a Cornish hen. Whenever I want to cook chicken at home, I typically use the small hens instead of the typical fryer chickens. The reason being the industry is somehow causing their birds to grow larger than usual. I don’t like the taste or the extra fat. They don’t seem to taste right.

Cornish game hen (also Rock Cornish game hen) is the USDA-approved name for a particular variety of broiler chicken, produced from a cross between the Cornish and White Plymouth Rock chicken breeds, that is served young and immature, weighing no more than two pounds (900 g) ready to cook ( There is no better tasting bird.

Used this chicken rub & sweet Ray’s Original BBQ sauce

I did not brine my bird like usual. I thawed, rinsed, seasoned, and went straight to the smoker. I kept my temperature at 230-260 degrees until the breast meat reached 165 degrees.

I didn’t apply any bbq sauce until the very end so that it would not burn. What I ended up with was quite delicious. My two sides were from Walmart. If you don’t know, Walmart sells some great varieties of potato salad. My second side dish was broccoli slaw. You can find it in the produce section of Walmart. However, it does not usually include the slaw dressing. I have a favorite recipe for the dressing you can find here.

I also had at my disposal, the Masterbuilt Gravity Series smoker. This particular smoker has an electric fan which regulates the cooking temperature flawlessly. Of all the grills and smokers I have bought over the years, this one is my favorite. If you like bbq but have trouble making it yourself, you need to try out the Gravity Series smoker.

I hope you found this interesting, especially of you love bbq like me.

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