Still in the Game

I have not written in a few days but I am still working hard. Monday and Tuesday I had good workouts. Shoulders Monday, and back on Tuesday.  I did a pretty intense chest workout today. Tomorrow, or rather later today will be an arm workout, and legs the day after that.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 11.02.43 AM
my Little one working hard.

My only trouble seems to be diet. I am able to keep under the required calories, but, eating the right things all the time is not easy.

I haven’t given up though. It gets better every week. I have noticed that I do considerably well with green salads with chicken or some other protein on top. It helps that salads are some of my favorite food.

My kids have been going to the gym with me also. My daughter works really hard and is progressing quickly. My son hasn’t been doing it as long but he is also progressing well.  Right now he is struggling to keep up with his little sister. Hopefully he will keep it up when he goes off to school later this year.



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