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A Family Affair – Working Out

Yesterday’s workout was the first time I felt multiple muscles working together. It was arm day. We worked biceps, triceps, forearms, and lower back and abs. At one point  while doing tricep push downs (a machine exercise, kind of like dips), I could feel my shoulder, chest, and triceps flexing together. It felt good. Usually I don’t feel anything except maybe some numbness, and then soreness later. As I sit here typing, I am very sore, which tells me I had and effective workout.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 9.13.37 AMNow my son, Gabe, has been lifting with Kat and I this week. According to him everything we did hurt. He doesn’t like it. But if he sticks with it I believe he will begin to enjoy it, especially if he does it long enough to see some of the results he desires.

He and his sister were at each other like cats and dogs yesterday. Gabe was irritated that we were doing so many exercises. She was irritated that he was irritated. They got really pissy at one another. It was exhausting. If they didn’t love one another so much I’d be worried.

Finally we got to the elliptical machines and Gabe was satisfied. That’s all he would have done if I had let him. But I’ve been trying to convince him that he would get the results he wants if he adds some weight lifting to his workout. I hope he stays with it.



Was a music major. Spent 20 years in the Navy Music Program. Lived in in Florida 10 years. Have been in SC for 7 years.

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