Energy Drain

StraightArmPullDown1Yesterday in the gym seemed so hard. When my daughter and I first began our shoulder workout, doing military press, it felt like we were trying to lift a car! Once we got warmed up though things started to go much easier. We also bumped up our cardio to 45 minutes from 30.

Today we were working on the back muscles. Everything was going smoothly until Gabe and Kat suggesting a straight arm pull down, using the cable pulley. I agreed. We all had to use very light weight. The exercise targets some very specific muscles in your upper back, and around the rib cage. Very tough exercise. All of us were screaming  in each set.

That 45 minute elliptical workout seemed very long after that exercise. When I finished I just wanted to fall on the floor. My energy was completely drained.  Even when I got home (which is a 30 drive) I was still feeling drained. I thought I was going to end up taking a nap, but, after resting a while I’m starting to get my energy back.

It has been a tough couple of days. Tomorrow is “chest day.”  I can’t wait. With each new day in the gym I am feeling more and more of my muscles flexing, engaging  hard as I workout. I think I’m starting to like it. The fat burn seems slow though. I just gotta keep going.


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