Diet Progress

It has been a week on the new diet modifications. The only real problem with cutting out starches is boredom. I need more variety and creativeness when it comes to preparing meals.

I made too much chicken last week, so I will definitely be adding some variety in the protein category. Boredom aside, The modification to my diet seems to be working. The name of the book I mentioned last week is The 4 Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss. Thus, you eat 4 meals per day, 4 hours apart. No starches in those meals, and you get one cheat day per week where you can eat anything you want.

Believe it or not, I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds. I’m sure most of that was water weight. I also measured my arms, waist, hips and thighs last week. This week I am nearly 3 inches smaller (total inches).

I did experience some hunger. There is something about starchy foods that satisfies hunger in a way complex carbs and protein cannot. After a few days though there was much less hunger.

It is not a calorie counting diet. Timothy instructs readers to eat enough to be satisfied. I was eating  a lot of food, 400-500 calories per meal, 4 times a day. So it is not a diet where you go hungry.

I am looking forward to making it through the next week, and anxious to see what kind of progress I will have.

My starting weight last week was 269 lbs. Today I weigh in at 249-250 lbs.


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  1. The real problem with this particular diet plan was all the beans and lentils your are supposed to eat. They were dropping a serious sugar load into my blood stream. I was constantly hungry. Unsustainable for a fat man, borderline insulin resistant!

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