About the Recipes

In case some of you are confused about the types of recipes I have been posting because not many of them are aligned with the keto-diet, let me explain.

I have always like to cook. When I was in my early 20’s I worked in a restaurant in Texas called the Longhorn Cafe. And before that, my mom had taught me a few recipes. The first thing I learned to cook was scrambled eggs when I was six. So, I have been doing it a while. And in the last 3 years, I have been a student at the Culinary Institute of Charles – Trident Technical College.

So, the recipes are not all about keto or low carb-high fat. They are just recipes that I have tried or plan on trying. Obvious I try to only make most of these recipes (that are not low carb-high fat) occasional occurrences. There are some great keto-friendly recipes, but, I haven’t tried them all. Some I have tried, and they were not worth posting. And I’m still trying to learn more recipes that are compatible with the diet. For the most part, I keep it really simple; just putting meals together from whole foods simply cooked. So it can be boring.

With all that said, the blog is about my health journey, but the recipes are just recipes for all types of foods; healthy and not so healthy.


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