My Health Progress


My blood sugar levels and blood pressure are holding steady at proper levels. I have not taken any Trulicity since I found out that it causes the pancreas to create and pump more insulin into the bloodstream. I have learned that insulin is overproduced in the body because of overconsumption of simple carbs and sweets (sugar). This will eventually cause insulin resistance and most likely lead to Type II diabetes.

Insulin resistance begins to affect the rest of the body’s organ functions. It causes fatty liver, heart problems, kidney malfunctions and even affects the function of the sexual organs. Insulin resistance, fortunately, is reversible. Not by taking more insulin though. That is a short term fix of just one symptom, blood glucose levels. However, if you don’t take measures through diet and exercise, insulin resistance becomes worse and you may develop more of the autoimmune diseases I mentioned above.

That is where fasting comes in. Fasting gives the liver and pancreas that break that they need to recover. Exercise helps to burn off that excess glucose in the blood. Fasting lets the pancreas finally take a break from releasing insulin. In other words, you can bring both insulin and glucose levels down naturally without medication. The best news is that the pancreas and liver can recover from what is usually years of abuse. A1C numbers can be reduced, essentially reversing Type II diabetes.

Insulin is also a hormone which seems to have the main function of fat storage or energy storage. Bring insulin and glucose levels down and the body has a chance to switch to burning stored fat for energy. So, not only can you potentially change your health for the better through fasting, you can lose weight, real fat burning weight, in a healthy manner.

Sometimes I am not losing weight, but, other things may be happening, most of which are improvements to my internal organ health. I am feeling better every day. As I said, my glucose and insulin levels are steadily improving. I am also noticing changes in skin conditions on different parts of my body, including my scalp. Everything just feels better.

Fasting has been the best thing I have experienced for my health thus far in my 56 years of life.


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