Pain Recurrence of Old

The night before my drive back to South Carolina, my back gave out completely. I could barely walk. It was, in fact, the same kind of pain I was having before my surgery in 2010. I can only guess until a doctor looks at it, but, I’m guessing another herniated disc.

I just arrived home about 40 minutes ago. I am still very sore from last night’s episode. My son was with me, and he drove for the first six hours. I was in no condition to drive when we first started out. I had taken a muscle relaxer the night before. And this morning before the drive I took Ibuprofen and Tylenol. Both medicines really helped.

By the time I arrived home, I almost felt normal, except for the residual pain in my lower back. So, I guess I will be making an appointment to see the doctor about my back. I don’t know what they can do short of another surgery. I am hoping for some other options though.


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