Moving ON


So, my pain levels have come back to sort of a “normal” range and I am feeling a little better. I really don’t know what caused it to flare up. When it happened,  I thought the worse. Like, my back had finally come to the end of what it could handle without another round of surgeries. I was actually a little scared.

Well, honestly, overall, my back IS a little worse. There are smaller areas of pain that are new, or, maybe I’m just now noticing; Painful little knots that are full of tension and making more pain. And yes, it makes everything a little harder; walking, lifting, bending over, etc. Perhaps I’m closer to the end of things than I know.

I have not let that stop me though, and, I don’t plan to. I just keep moving. What I have found difficult when I am confined to a chair or the bed is that I find I get bored and eat unnecessarily (over-eating), outside my window.

If you have been following this blog, You know that I have been using intermittent fasting to control blood glucose and achieve some weight loss. And it works like a charm. It works so well that I actually lost 4 pounds over the Christmas holidays.

My problem is that if I get stuck in the house and am unable to move about and get things done, I tend to eat when I’m not supposed to be eating.  When I do this, I don’t end up fasting as long as I need to; my body (liver & pancreas) doesn’t get the break it needs.

I was really hoping that fasting would so help me with inflammation, that my back would reach a close to normal state of being, have less pain when I move. And maybe it will when I manage to give it enough time in a fasted state. Also, it would help if I managed to eat the right stuff when it’s time.

Today, my back pain is less. So, I’m moving on. I’m out of the house about to begin driving. I drive Uber. It is a great way to make some extra money, but, it is hard on the back. I am in the car for long periods. I wish I could hold a job, but, because of my back pain, I find that would be hard to do. Driving is doable. I found that out when I drove the school bus last year.


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