Making Progress

It has been a little over 5 years since I seriously began trying to lose weight. I have gone through the gym phase, the keto diet, high protein, and calorie reduction. None of it worked for very long.

Notice that I said, “They didn’t work for very long.” All of it worked for a short time. I just couldn’t keep going.

Currently, I am reading and re-reading The Obesity Code, and, The Diabetes Code, by Dr. Jason Fung. In both of these books, I have learned about insulin and the effect that it has on my body. I have learned more about hormonal imbalances than I ever knew existed. I’ve learned that obesity is not caused by overeating per se, but, that becoming obese causes overeating.

How this all works would be pretty hard to explain here. And besides, no one would really want to read it in a blog. I do, however, recommend that you read both of these books. If you have type II diabetes, then you really should read both of these books.

I know I keep harping on these two books. The reason is that the information is already changing my life. My health is better. My weight is down. I’m losing weight slowly, but, once it comes off, I am completely confident that I will keep it off. I have lost weight before and gained it all back many times. So, when I say that I am confident I will be able to keep the weight off when I lose it this time, it means something has changed. Knowledge and understanding are powerful.

Dr. Fung is not blowing smoke to try to sell books and make money. He really does know what he’s talking about. He has a successful clinic in Canada where he helps people reverse type II diabetes, lose weight, and improve their overall health.

If you have been struggling with weight gain your whole life like me, you need to read The Obesity Code. This could save your life.



  1. Good to notice your renewed motivation, Tony. Keep up the good work 🙂

    And that’s a pretty change in the photos. I hope you’re well and will stay well.

  2. You are much better now. You’ve changed. You are a very charming man.
    Your awareness has changed you. But where is the smile you had before? I have diabetes 2 and I’m already looking for this book in Italian and I thank you for talking about it because I would like to solve this bad situation I have with insulin 😔

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