Loving The Fast

INTERMITTENT FASTING – I have been doing fairly well with my fasting. However, sometimes I over eat when my feeding window opens. It’s not because I’m so famished when the window opens. I simply choose to eat the wrong things, and, too much of them. Carbs lead to more carbs. And sugars just lead to more of everything.

IMG_0546I am looking slimmer. I feel good. My blood glucose is normal. My blood pressure is steadily getting better. All I need to do now is have a LITTLE more discipline.

The weight loss is slow. I would probably be discouraged if I couldn’t see the slimimng effects. And of course, the other health benefits I have aleady mentioned are of great encouragement.

So, I keep moving forward. The best thing about fasting is that no matter what you eat in your window, whether good or bad, the next fast always comes. And more benefits happen every time you fast. The break you give your body from insulin is the goal. I try to fast at least 18 hours a day. The liver gets a break from glucose. Your pancreas gets a break from having to pump insulin. When both insulin and glucose have been used (insulin triggers glucose conversion to energy in the liver), the body can begin to access and burn its fat stores.

Of course, that is a simplification according to my own comprehension of what I have been reading. Again, I recommend both books by Dr. Jason Fung, The Obesity Code, and, The Diabetes Code. I don’t make any commission or any money in any way if you buy either of these books. It is not very often you find someone putting out information that is actually helping people. I just think everyone should know about it.

Anyway, that is my update.



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