Endoscopy: My Awesome Dr.’s Visit

For the past two months or so, I have been suffering from the feeling that I need to cough. I’ve been to the doctor several times, and, had two COVID test. All negative.

So now, I am about to have an endoscopy. They want to looks at my esophagus. The GI specialist thinks it may be the result of acid reflux. An irritation of some sort.

We have tried eliminating medications that have been known to cause a cough, but it’s still there. So, this is where we are.

I will be under anesthesia. I should not remember anything. I hope they can get to the bottom of this. I am very tired of dealing with it.

Also, lately, with all the weather changes I have been having a lot of back and neck pain. A LOT of pain.

GOING IN! I’ll report back

So, I just got out of the procedure. It felt so quick. I can tell you, what ever they did feels 100% better. I’m really excited. Dr. Shore at Charleston GI rocks! I am now able to clear my throat and my breathing feeels easy again.

I’m waiting for the doctor to come in and talk to me.

Lol, he had already came in and talked to me and I forgot. Said he stretched my esophagus. He did find a hiatal hernia. So, I’m back on the reflux medication, an increased dosage.

I am able to clear my throat for the first time in months. And right now, the nagging feeing that I want to cough is not there.

So, that’s my awesome doctors visit today.


  1. Well this is great! You must’ve been high on drugs when you wrote the second half of it since you forgot the dr had already come in! Lol, a funny read.

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