#Anger #Violence

My new year started with a violent dream! I was playing with some band. I could not tell who the members were, but, there was a drummer, a bass player, a guitar player, and me on Alto-sax. Usually, when I have a dream of myself playing sax I’m usually sucking. However, this time, I was sounding pretty good. I was having a good time!

At one point in whatever song we were playing, there was a moment when it was just me and the drummer playing, still sounding good. Then some guy, maybe drunk, starts yelling insults at the sax man. Me! Well, the guitar and bass player did not like it. They were not having that shit. So, they dropped their instruments and jumped off the stage, and, commenced to beating this guy’s ass.

Bitmoji Image

Usually, when my dreams turn violent I’m usually the recipient. And I usually wake up immediately. Not this time. In fact, I also left the stage with my saxophone, and, I used it to bash this guy’s face in. He was dead!

Never in my life have I ever come close to any such violence! So what does this dream say about me? Anyone have a clue? I’m open to some ideas.

I was shaken when I woke up. I’m not worried that some day I’m gonna bash in someone’s skull with my sax. I don’t believe in violence! However, something may have me pretty upset! What do you think. Let me know in the comments.



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