I Need to Track My Meals

So, in the past, I have been somewhat successful when I tracked my meals. It helped me to stay focused, and, accountable to myself. By recording my meals, I can keep up with the types of food I’m putting into my body.


I used to use MyFitnessPal for this. However, the app is too focused on calorie counting for me. I am not counting calories. Fasting has nothing to do with calorie counting. In past blog posts, I have talked about two books. One called “The Obesity Code,” and the other called “The Diabetes Code.” They both talk about the effects insulin has on the body. They speak of liver and pancreas function, and how they affect hormonal balance in the body, and most of all, how they affect body weight.

It is, however, still beneficial for me to keep carbohydrate levels low and eat more leafy greens. Also, I truly need to avoid sugars as much as possible. Thus far, fasting has kept my blood sugar in check. However, I believe my sugar addiction is preventing my desired weight-loss.

I have downloaded a new app to my computer (Mac). It is called “Perfect Diet Tracker.” It, too, is mostly a calorie counter. However, you can set it to track other aspects of your food and health. I have already begun tracking my meals, calories, AND nutrition. Hopefully, this will help me get on track and finally lose more weight.

I have lost some body fat, I think. I can see it in the shape of my face and legs. Just nothing that shows up on a scale. Yes, I know I should not worry about the scale. However, I should eventually see actual measurable weight loss. At my height of 5′ 6″ I should weigh around 150-160 pounds. I currently weigh 254 pounds. In my last post, I discussed whether I would have as much pain in my body if I were lighter. I stated that I didn’t think it would make a difference. As I sit here thinking about weighing 94-104 pounds less, I believe I would feel significantly better.

So, I am going to keep track of the food I eat. I am going to work very hard to eat the right stuff. I am going to work on eating fewer sweets (sugary poisons).

Of course, I know I should not focus on such a large number of pounds to lose. So, my first goal will be just 5 pounds. And then another. And then another, etc.

Wish me luck. And, if you are a person who prays, pray for me. I would appreciate it.


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