Rough Week Back

Got back into town this week. The first day back to the gym was a rough one. My left shoulder was killing me, and my right one as well. I had to use extremely light weight in my shoulder workout, which is what I probably should have been using in the first place. I ended up getting a great workout with a lot less weight. The lighter weight enabled me to be able to keep proper form.

The next day however, I they were very sore. And the next day it was almost impossible to do my chest workout. But again, using lighter weight enabled me to use better form and accomplish a very good workout. But still the pain persist.  Fortunately I have a muscle stim unit. I’ve been using it on my shoulders for a few days and it seems to help.

Today I was just dragging. I was so tired, and sleepy. I couldn’t wait to get home. I thought I would go right to sleep after a shower but, here I am, watching TV and blogging. Well, hopefully, next week will be a lot better.

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