Loss of a Friend


Last week I went to Louisiana for a friend’s funeral. It was my friend Jerome. He was only 48 years old.  He had bone cancer.  It turned out to be  a really good service. There were a lot of people who came from all over. Many spoke of how much Jerome meant to them. He really touched the lives of a lot of people.

My kids and I went down. Their grandmother doesn’t live too far from where Jerome lived. After the funeral we then went to Texas to visit my dad. I had not seen him since last year, after my mother passed away. It was  a good week and a good visit to with family.

However, we did not get to do any exercise. And we certainly were not eating right. We drove, so there was a lot of snack food on the road. It wasn’t too bad though. Upon my arrival at the gym this afternoon I weighed in. I had only gained 3 pounds.

I had a good workout. I thought I would have problems because of my shoulder pain. They hurt when I began. I used lighter weight than normal and higher reps. It worked out well and there was no pain after getting warmed up. Even after a week off I fell right back into my workout routine. The work out was very relaxing. I thought it might be hard to get back into the groove.

I look forward to getting back on schedule and making my goal weight.

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