An Apparent Day off (Everything)

Well, my eating has been really crappy today and I don’t get to go to the gym, today or tomorrow. The morning started with Robert and I going all over creation looking for shrimp for a low country boil. Nobody had any. Finally we went to Independent Seafood in Georgetown. The cheapest we could get was $7.50 per pound.

Robert had been searching since the beginning of the week. We are having a going away party for my son, who is going off to college this weekend. I think next time we will do burgers and hotdogs like normal folks.

So anyway, there was no time to grab anything for breakfast or lunch during our search. I ended up having a Snickers bar and a Mountain Dew. I’m sure my sugar levels were off the chart. I haven’t eaten that badly in a very long time.

The party starts a 6 this evening. I am not supposed to eat shellfish because of the cholesterol. So, I am going to eat supper and take a shower before going.

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