No Energy

Maybe because it was leg day and I worked really heavy on the leg press, but, I had nothing left for cardio at the end. I worked with my heaviest weight yet, 510 pounds. I pressed a total of 10 sets. I also did 10 sets of standing toe raises. My max weight, 195 pounds. I did leg extensions maxing at 110, and leg curls maxing out at 95 pound. My form was good for all my exercises. That’s why I used less weight on both the leg curls and leg extensions.

It was a good workout. I had plenty of energy. However, when it came time for cardio I had nothing left. I started, and lasted for about 3 minutes, then I had to stop. I decided not to push through. I’ve been really tired before and managed to push myself but this felt like I might pass out.

I’m home now and my legs are still shaking. I don’t think I have been eating enough carbs. Could account for the lack of energy this week. In fact, I may not be eating enough at all. Like today, I have only eaten once. I’m not hungry, though I probably will be in a little while.

I will have baked chicken and some sort of vegetable. All I have is white rice, which would keep me from getting hungry again for a while. I know I should be eating brown rice. Next time I shop. I won’t throw it out. Any food I have in the house will be eaten. It cost too much to be throwing out.

One of my problems is that I’m not sleeping at night. Today I finally fell asleep around 7:30 am, and woke up around 1:00 pm. So eating starts late in the day for me. So I’m a little confuse as to whether I should continue eating late into the night. As it is I’m eating dinner at 9 or 10 at night.

Any suggestions out there?


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