Signs of Permanent Change

I have always known that change has to come from the inside. For me, this kind of impetus comes from the Spirit of the Lord that lives inside all of us. Once we begin to listen to that voice on the inside of us, changing is a little bit easier.

I had surgery a few weeks ago, to repair a herniated disc in my neck. I was pretty sore the first couple of days home but eventually started to feel better.

It would have been very easy to get off my diet. And in fact, the second day I was home from the hospital, I had some ice cream. I also nearly bought a lot more junk food. The original reason I went out for ice cream was to soothe my severe sore throat.

The surgery involved entry through the front of the neck, and moving my throat to one side. This is what made it so sore. It was hard to swallow. Eating ice, or ice cream,  any cold things in general, made it feel better. Also, drinking hot tea made it feel better.

Fortunately, I chose to get back on my diet the day after the ice cream. This is because of a deeper change; more than a decision to change my diet, or to lose weight. I seem to have made a change on a deeper level. My desire deep down is to do something different; live a different way, a way that will benefit my health.

There seems to be, deep within me, a deep desire to change my lifestyle and habits. It is more than a decision, but a  change in my very person. I don’t actually know how it happened, or when, but it has. More and more, I make better decisions about what I eat. I don’t always get it right, especially when eating out. But I do better every time I have the opportunity.

The change I am experiencing governs every decision when it comes to food, activities, and exercise. It was a change on the inside of me. Maybe it came from a desire to be healthier. Or maybe it came from being tired of being unhealthy. But the power of actual change definitely comes from the Spirit inside. This I am sure of. All it takes is agreeing to the change inside of you.


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