Version 2When my son comes home from school for a visit, staying on my diet becomes a challenge. He is not on any special diet. He is in his 20’s so, he eats whatever he wants. All it takes for him (as a young man) is a trip to the gym or a few miles on the road, jogging.

Those measures are not an option for me anymore. He buys stuff for himself to eat while he is here, stuff I refuse to buy. I always nag him to take “his food” with him when he leaves because I don’t want it in the house.

He complains that I don’t have any willpower. He does not get any argument from me. I already know I have no willpower. However, I do have enough will power not to bring things home from the market that are not good for me or my diet. That’s my strategy.

If it’s not in the house or the refrigerator I am in no danger of eating the wrong things. That doesn’t matter though when my addiction overcomes my desire to eat right. Then it’s just a matter of getting in the car and taking a trip to the store. And yes, that does happen.

I have no will power. My son is right. I have achieved some measure of success by only bringing into the house what I actually plan to eat for meals. I can’t even keep products like flour in the house. I know how to make bread or cakes or other things I’m not supposed to eating. It’s all about strategy.

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  1. You do have will power, the will power not to buy the things you don’t want to eat. Plus, you are sticking to you diet as best you can, many cannot even make it through one day. Some people have a stronger will than others and that’s okay, because if we were all the same how interesting would life be? 😉

    I’m sorry to read your son is a bit careless when it comes to your diet – I have a client who stopped smoking and had to repeatedly ask her son if he would stop smoking inside, when she was around, and to hide his cigarettes from her view (he’d leave them lying around the house everywhere). A little support goes a long way, too.

    I hope you realise you have more will power than you give yourself credit for and that even if you occasionally get in your car and race to the store to get something you shouldn’t get, it’s okay. It makes you human 😉

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