A Week Into Diet

Well, it has been a week since my re-start. I managed to stay on my diet with the exception of one meal. I did pretty well overall getting the nutrient percentages required. It was actually pretty easy using myfitnesspal.

What I have found is that I have to make a conscious decision about what I’m gonna eat at every meal. I am constantly tempted to go off-diet. For instance, yesterday, I had a job interview. Woke up in plenty of time to make breakfast at home. However, the thought to just grab something at McDonald’s on the way to the interview surfaced. Without thinking I was headed out the door. I caught myself, returned to the house and made my breakfast, which only took a few minutes.

The mindset and the ability to just grab food on the road which is usually not healthy for you is prevalent in my mind. I have to keep reminding myself that I have food at home. And at this point, I am not busy enough to be grabbing convenient fast food meals. Before I am so busy, I hope to be in the habit of preparing meals for such times. Being prepared is a big part of success.

I think I lost 4 pounds. That always happens at the beginning. The challenge is staying the course when weight-loss isn’t happening. There many benefits to the keto-diet. One of them is how settled and unbloated your stomach feels. Also, my blood pressure is back to near normal (with the help of medications). My blood glucose levels are within normal ranges.

Hopefully, my success will continue beyond just a few weeks. I will try to keep you all informed.



  1. It takes a lot of strength to turn around, walk back inside and make your own breakfast instead of going for that tempting visit to McDonald’s. I think you can do it, Tony! You are strong and will surely see and feel the results soon.

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