New Progress Pictures

I have posted some new progress pictures in my progress journal. You may check them out here.  I have never given up on trying to lose weight and better my health. I have had to stop and rethink a few things.

The Ketogenic diet is a good one, but, I find that sometimes it is hard to stick with it. Sometimes, I simply crave carbohydrates and lots of them. We as a spieces are addicted to carbs and sugar. It’s simply a fact.

Since discovering intermittent fasting though, things have gotten a little easier. Fasting for me is something that I can physically be doing to contribute to weight-loss. When I’m feeling hunger, which is not very often, I feel like I’m contributing to the fat burning process in my body; and it is fat burning, not muscle. Just ask Doctor Jason Fung.

I am in the process of reading two books by Dr. Fung; The Obesity Code, and, The Diabetes Code. There is a lot of science in these books, but, not so much that its a hard read. You owe it to yourself to check out both of these.



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