Pizza is NOt A Bad Thing

I posted a pizza crust recipe the other day, and, only one person besides myself liked it. Pizza has a bad rep. However, all food, including junk foods, can be bad for you if you over indulge. I don’t eat pizza often, even though is one of my favorite foods.

I will never stop eating pizza! It’s not that great for you, so, I don’t eat it all the time. Maybe once every 3 months or something.

I think the secret to a great pizza is the crust. I like a light crust; crunchy, plenty of air pockets, and a crust that puffs up quite nicely. The recipe is very simple; flour, yeast, salt, olive oil, water. That’s all it takes.

Now, you can top your pizza with what ever you want. I like a good sauce (2nd most important ingredient), mozzarella, and pepperoni. And, I add some cooked Italian sausage (spicy), black olives, sliced bell pepper, onion, and, some ricotta cheese. Man, it is sooooOOO good!

Anyway, Pizza is not a bad food. Everything in moderation. Forego the beer and eliminate the extra carbs. Drink some water! Eat pizza only every once in a while. It is junk food after all; Some damned good junk though.

Anyway, check out the latest pizza crust recipe I posted. I think you will enjoy it quite a bite.


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