An Update On My Throat

So, back in October I reported some issues with my throat and how I constantly felt like I needed to cough. And after some investigation, I discovered that the culprit was the amount of black coffee I was drinking. I think it was caffeine in general because I drink a lot of tea also. But coffee was the thing that I was drinking the most.

It has been a couple of months now. The doctor I was seeing prescribed Prilosec 80 mg a day. 40 mg in the morning and 40 mg in the evening. Ultimately, the caffeine in the coffee and the black tea were causing acid reflux. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia back in 1993. I had been taking medication for many years. However, when the heartburn symptom stopped I thought it was over. So, I stopped taking the medication. Up until this latest issue with acid reflux, I had not taken the medication for almost 2 years, except for a few times buying the OTC medication. Apparently, if you don’t change your eating habits, the medicine just enables you to keep doing what you’re doing. Just because I didn’t feel the heartburn anymore didn’t mean I was not damaging my stomach and esophagus and whatever else is in there.

I still overeat sometimes. It is a very hard habit to break. However, one day I will break the habit completely. It is a mind thing. I simply need to learn to stop eating when I hear the signal from my body to do so. Call it greed or gluttony or whatever. I am out of control when it happens. All I can do is work to do better at the next meal.

So, all of that to say that after a couple of months being back on the medication, and taking twice the amount that I have been taking in the past, I feel my throat is 95% back to normal (that’s the way it feels). The desire and feeling that I need to cough is gone. But it does surface a little bit if I drink coffee or too much black tea or overeat.

I am feeling pretty good about it. It is one more worry off of my plate. When it first started, I was certain that I must have contracted COVID-19. However, I have been blessed. Either I have not come in contact with anyone who had it or, the mask and the hand washing are doing their jobs.



  1. Is what you suffer from some kind of binge eating? I mean, has anyone ever diagnosed you with an eating disorder? Have you ever had a session with an eating disorder psychologist? Perhaps the fact that you overeat is in order to fill an emotional void you have inside. If this is not analyzed then every time you will console yourself with food. For example, in the past I ate a lot of milk puddings because they reminded me of my mother and the love I didn’t have. Did you lack love from someone?

      1. ok, sorry, i just made a guess. I can’t investigate your past. But I think it would be better if a doctor did it. Sometimes we eat out of emotional stress. For example, this happens to me. If I feel bad inside, because I don’t like my current life, I try to eat something I really like, for example raw fish.

      2. In the antidiabetic center where I go, I am in Italy, there is also a section for eating disorders. I have had a session with a dietician but the low calorie diet does not work because I currently have hormonal decompensation due to a benign tumor in an adrenal gland and I have not yet had the right therapy for this.

  2. I can not say that I don’t ever eat when I’m having emotional issues. I do. It’s just not about a lack of love. Sometimes I feel depressed or stressed and that will trigger some overeating.

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