What’s Your Food Trigger?

Publix Pre-Made Meals

So, I got my last meal order from Fresh N Lean, and I’m glad. I don’t know their idea of keto, but they use a lot of vinegar. In the 3 years I cooked for myself while on the keto diet, I don’t think I used vinegar once. The chefs at Fresh N Lean use it in almost every meal. After just a few days, I gagged at the thought of eating another. I bought some pre-made meals at the Publix grocery store, which are fantastic and cheaper. Of course, it is still cheaper to prepare my own meals, and I still do. My problem is that I overeat if I make a meal.

I am becoming more regular at the gym. I am ever mindful of my joints and cautious. It feels weird knowing your muscle can handle more weight, but your joints can not. Muscles strengthen quickly, but the joints do not. I am especially mindful of my shoulder joints and the joints in my lower back. Even though I’m lifting light weights, my muscles get stronger. Stronger muscles help me to be more stable on my feet which is very helpful to my back.

The battle with sugar is ongoing. Some days I cannot resist cookies or ice cream, my two favorites. Cake is also one of my favorites, but that would involve me putting forth the effort to make one. Sometimes grocery store cake will satisfy me, but I really prefer a home-baked cake.

Most of the time, I am doing okay. I have not reverted to eating sweets every day. That can and sometimes does happen. What knocked me off course the last time was popcorn. I love popcorn! If I start eating popcorn, I can’t seem to stop eating it, the more I want it. It is a very dangerous food for me. The urge to eat popcorn is the most powerful of any food I’ve ever eaten, other than Lays potato chips. I can only resist popcorn by not having it in the house, and there is now popcorn here. I had some the other day with my son while we watched a movie. What a struggle! I had more later that night. It was so hard to resist it the next day.

Popcorn is a trigger food for me, if there is such a thing. I have others, though not as addictive as popcorn. So far, I have not succumbed to temptation again this week. It has been sitting on the counter all week, and I have resisted. I thought about hiding it, but it wouldn’t matter. I need to train myself. I will get better as my desire for health grows. Fasting helps me to stay in control. I don’t know how, but it does. It seems to curb my desire for the wrong types of foods. However, desire wins sometimes.

I am losing weight. It has not been a lot, and I weigh in every week. My weight is down, up, and all over the place. I feel thinner. I measure myself with a tape measure, also. I’ve lost a few inches. It’s a slow process. I’ll keep plugging along,

What’s your trigger food?


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