Some Benefits of Fasting

I started this week with a 33-hour fast because I had popcorn over the weekend. One of the goals of the fast is to get your body to switch fuel sources; from sugar to fat, and Popcorn is not conducive to that goal. So, 33-hour fast to get a jump on things. For about a month and a half, I have been working to keep the carbs low, add more high-quality fats, and not overdo the protein. It makes a huge difference.

As a result of my efforts, my blood sugar has been better than usual. It is always good, but it has been extra good lately. Many people experience light-headedness if they have not eaten, and I don’t know the science behind why intermittent fasting does not cause this. In fact, I have been going to the gym and hitting the weights vigorously while fasting. There is no carb loading or supplements. It is just me and my fat, which I assume is being used for fuel. I have plenty of energy and strength and getting stronger. I spend 30 minutes lifting weights, then 30 minutes doing cardio.

My heart rate can get up to 160 bpm when I am on the treadmill. However, I have noticed a significant change in my cardio health. This morning my heart rate was significantly lower. I worked harder than usual; my heart rate was no higher than 129, and my average was around 117. My usual heavy breathing was so much less. I felt really good. I don’t think I have ever felt so good during my cardio session.

Regarding weight lifting, I am not doing any over-strenuous lifting because I only want to stimulate my muscle for growth. The last time I was going to the gym regularly (2014), I honestly overdid things. I blew out a disc in my neck, leaving me weak in my left arm. I thought I’d had a stroke. Everything was back to normal after neck surgery. So, I won’t be pushing too hard with the weights. I just need a little exercise.

I have had no negative issues with fasting, and I rarely have hunger pains, and when I do, they pass quick enough. Other benefits of intermittent fasting include lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol; that has been my experience thus far, which has happened even while I was not eating right. I guess all things work better when you do them correctly.

I am not a doctor and can not recommend intermittent fasting to readers of this blog. However, I do work with my own doctor on this matter. She is still floored every time I have a check-up, and she jokes that she may start recommending IF to some other patients. If you intend on giving intermittent fasting a go, you should definitely ask your doctor how to proceed.

I wish you health and prosperity.


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