Rough Day

In the gym tonight I was doing leg presses. I was working with 400 pounds, 10 sets of 15 reps. I didn’t think I could do it but I did. My butt really started to hurt during this exercise. Then I finished the workout with toe raises, leg curls, back extensions, and ab crunches. However, when I got to my 45 minute elliptical workout I didn’t think I was going to finish. The last five minutes I thought I might throw up. There really was no energy left.

Since I’ve been home and had dinner, I feel very drained. I can already tell my legs are going to be extremely sore tomorrow. I will probably be drinking a lot of water before going to bed. I don’t think I should have had that glass of wine.

I don’t know if I actually worked that hard, or, I’m still kinda sick. At any rate, I really wore myself out. Tomorrow will either be chest or arms. Probably chest. I don’t want my arms to be too sore for chest exercises.

That’s about it.


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