Today’s Doctor Visit

I had my doctor’s visit earlier today and got a good report. Since I began intermittent fasting in 2019, my a1c has returned to normal levels (5.5) and has remained so. It took only 9 months. At one time my cholesterol was up to 350. It has been completely normal since I began fasting. Fasting has also helped to bring down my blood pressure.

As I have said many times, however, I am not losing weight. When I began fasting, I thought the regulation of my a1c and blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure would be the added benefit. However, these health benefits happened first. I had hoped that weight loss would happen first. And it did in the beginning. I initially lost about 8 pounds, but then it stopped. My weight has fluctuated up and down 3 to 4 pounds since.

I already know why I’m not losing weight; I don’t eat right, and it has become increasingly difficult with the price of food going up. I have dried beans and rice on hand, but that gets old really quickly. Because my funds are low, I don’t have the means to buy anything else most times. Sometimes in order to taste something different, I resort to bologna sandwiches. I like bologna sandwiches, but they are not that nutritious. It is cheap, though.

Not eating the right foods can cause cravings for even worse foods. My weakness is sweets. I can, for the most part, resist high-carb foods like bread and pasta, but sweets are like drugs. I can’t seem to resist.

In spite of the way I eat, my blood sugar and a1c remain normal. Fasting is a very powerful tool. I think I would rather have the weight loss. Hopefully, things will get better at the grocery store soon. I will have to work on my discipline.


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