Grilling & Weight-Loss

So I might have mentioned in a previous post that I love grills and smokers. I also like buying kitchen appliances. I have too many machines for my small space. I think I have purchased a new smoker or grill every 2-3 years since 2001. Some of them are in storage, some are at friend’s houses, and some I have completely worn out.

My newest purchase is from Masterbuilt. It is the Gravity Series, 560 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker. It is the most awesome smoker/grill I have ever purchased. My only regret is that I didn’t buy a bigger one. This smoker is a great cooker!

The design allows you to use regular charcoal (& lump charcoal) and set a temperature and hold it steady. That was my biggest issue when trying to smoke meat, or as we called it when I was a kid, bar-b-que. The long cook with smoke flavor from burning coal or wood is the only thing I call barbeque.

So far, I have smoked chickens and grilled steaks. Both turned out fantastically. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten any pictures of previous cooks. I do have a picture of the chicken I smoked this evening. I have only tasted a little piece as of yet. It was delicious.

I’m looking forward to eating the rest. I will make some coleslaw as a side dish and maybe a baked sweet potato. These days, it does not take much to get enough to eat.

Fasting has given me a smaller stomach. The belly is still out there; however, I can’t eat as much. That’s an issue because I still want to.

Anyway, I will be doing a lot more grilling and smoking this summer. It is my favorite cooking method and my favorite food choice (bbq). It is a great healthy choice. Now, if I can get better at making good food choices, I might lose some weight.

I always manage to lose a little weight in the summer because of grilling. Some protein, a green side salad, or something like it, and I’m golden. I wish I could manage it all the time.



  1. I only manage not to eat when I’m in love. So I have never done voluntary fasting but only because I had strong emotions and I could not eat. So you say that with fasting the stomach shrinks? But you bwvi juices and herbal teas while fasting?

      1. Oh I understand. But then you realize that one can bear the pain of having an empty stomach. I would like to read the book and be able to do as you do.

      2. The pain passes and does not come back for a really long time. Unlike restricting calories which keeps you hungry most of the day.

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