Arms, Arms, Arms

It does not matter how hard I think I am working my arms, I always leave the gym feeling like I didn’t work them at all. I did over 20 sets of various exercises for my arms and now I’m sitting here at home feeling like I didn’t even work out. I feel like if I actually did what I was supposed to do they would hurt just a little bit. And I would expect increased pain the next day. But it has been nearly 5 weeks and my arms haven’t been sore once. Well, maybe a little after the first workout.

Well, anyway I was there 2 hours. I am still doing 30 minutes of cardio each day along with some ab crunches.. Although I did forget to do my ab routine before I left. I haven’t really begun to hit the abs as hard as I’d like yet.

Still motivated. I have my weigh in tomorrow.  It will tell me how I’m progressing. I seem to need more and more calories. I am eating 5 small meals per day, and staying within my limits for sugar, sodium, and other recommendations. So I feel good. I’m not going hungry, and, I’m not going over my suggested calorie recommendation.


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